Take 9 weeks—1 hour a week —to learn how to give your body some love.

Get Ready to learn how to: Have less stress, deeper sleep, more energy, more optimism and tons of motivation to stick with your goals.

How It Works

Let’s get this Rebellion started!


  • Renegade Woman is a 9 week course.
  • 9 one hour video conferencing calls with live participation.
  • Action steps and worksheets given out each week.
  • Private Facebook group to record your insight, ask questions, get motivation, and post progress for special giveaways!
  • Its’s online. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any time zone.
  • We will go over the 9 levers you need to pull in your life to get it back on course with your true self.

What you will learn


→ How to manage your emotions (stress, boredom, etc.) without turning to food for comfort, numbing, support, or entertainment.

→ How to find sources of pleasure and excitement that are not food-related.

→ How to cultivate more love and respect for your body, even if you are not currently living at your natural weight yet.

→ How to tune into your body’s natural signals of hunger and fullness so that you understand when to start and stop eating, you leave    meals feeling energized (not sluggish), and you never have to count calories again.

→ How to stop avoiding photos. Stop hesitating about pursuing a big career opportunity. Stop covering up with dark, baggy clothes.

→ How to stop feeling as if you are not worthy of being loved.

→ How to create a peaceful, balanced relationship with food and a fun and inspiring exercise plan,

→ How to reduce stress, build confidence and feel strong both mentally and physically.

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