Everyone needs a cheerleader – and I’d love to be yours.

Hello, I’m Brooke Forhan! I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with my four kids. Wait. With my husband and three kids. There we go.

I love to see people succeed – it’s why I became a life coach! Each of us has the right to happiness. But when too much external noise gets in the way, we lose the ability to listen to our own voice. I work with wonderful people who struggle with diets and happiness.

Instead of spending their evenings doing things they enjoy, they’re dutifully exercising or scouring Pinterest for healthy recipes.

They’re postponing their dreams until their bodies are perfect.

It’s time for a change.

I trained under Susan Hyatt in the Bare Method and offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions as well as single-day intensives. For more on my coaching packages, hop on over to my Work with Me page.

You can expect a compassionate coach who will listen, laugh with you, motivate you, help you feel energized, and enthusiastically celebrate your wins. Working with me is like having your own personal cheerleader!


Some fun facts:

  • I teach a Pole class at my local gym. It’s a great way to have fun, move your body, and laugh!
  • I’ll sign up for any local motivational speaking gig I can – I never miss an opportunity to spread the word about self-love! Does my family wish I had a mute button? Maybe…
  • I love making a scene! If there’s something new to try, I’ll usually be the first one to try it. You can bet that if there’s anything I ask you to do in our work together, I’ve done it before!

If you have any questions about me or the work I do, feel free to contact me anytime!


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

– Diane Mariechild